Feb 15th 2014 | Posted by Rakhal

​What is the Best Ukulele to Buy?

What is the Best Ukulele to Buy?

Here at Bounty Music on Maui we have the world's largest selection of ukuleles, so this question comes up often. The answer, of course, is largely a function of the artist's taste. However we do see patterns! Almost all the pro players, men and women, seem to choose the larger Tenor size as do most men players as well. The ladies here in Hawaii seem to favor the mid-size Concert as do many teens. The younger set seems to be more comfortable with the smaller Soprano. All these three sizes are tuned and played the same.

If money is no object, we can heartily recommend the excellent Hawaiian made Koa wood instruments like Kamaka, KoAloha and Kanilea brands, widely considered the best in the world. These can start at somewhat less than a thousand. However, good playing ukes start around $55 for the Sopranos, $79 for the Concerts and $89 for the Tenors from the the Kala company. Finally, there is a very wide selection of quality ukuleles of layered wood, solid top and all solid wood construction in the $100 - $400 dollar range. Check out for the many choices!

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