Kamoa™ Ukulele Company is dedicated to building high quality bell tone instruments. Our “One player at a time” philosophy is the basis for the countless experiences that will resonate with you for years to come through the lifelong enjoyment of music on your Kamoa™ ukulele. From Exceptional student models priced around $100 up to divine custom masterpieces, we have a tailored Kamoa™ experience ready for you whether you are a true beginner or ukulele master. Kamoa ukuleles are being played by Directors of Opera and Philharmonic Orchestras, Concert Violinists, Pianists, Flutists, the Grammy® Recording Academy, Hollywood Filmmakers, Former Heads of State, and many thousands of satisfied musicians from Punk to Polka, Appalachian Bluegrass to Gypsy Jazz. We have resellers and customers in over 20 countries and welcome you to our Global Ukulele 'Ohana.

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