Play Ukulele Today

  • Play Ukulele Today

Play Ukulele Today! includes condensed versions of key lessons from Ukulele in the Classroom Books 1 and 2. It's an affordable, high-quality solution that gives all teachers (not just music specialists), students of all ages, and curious first-time pickers an unbeatable start on this versatile, fun-to-play instrument. When you're ready to explore a broader range of skills and repertoire, the comprehensive three-volume Ukulele in the Classroom series awaits.

How is Play Ukulele Today! different from other beginner ukulele method books? Glad you asked. Play Ukulele Today! is unique because it's the tip of the Ukulele in the Classroom iceberg. In other words, when you're ready to move onto more skills and repertoire, you'll make a seamless transition to the next step.