Sep 6th 2022 | Posted by Rakhal

What size Ukulele is best for me?

There are essentially four sizes of ukulele and all of them have their aficionados and particular strengths. The four sizes are Soprano, Concert, Tenor (all 3 tuned GCEA), and Baritone (tuned lower to DGBE).

1. Soprano - the smallest of the "normal" ukes, scale length (bridge to nut) about 13.5" - 14" and a body length of 20" -21". Convenient to carry, traditional, plucky, and cuts in the mix for recording.

2. Concert - middle size, scale length about 15", body length 23" -24". Favored by teens and ladies (at least in Hawaii), the concert ukulele provides a larger sound volume than the soprano in a still comfortable mid-sized instrument.

3. Tenor - the larger of the three regular tuned ukuleles (GCEA), scale length 17" - 17.5", body length 25.5" - 26.5". Often favored by men, more adept players, and men and women professionals, the tenor produces a more robust sound because of its larger body.

4. Baritone - approaching a small guitar in size, scale length 20", body length 29" - 30". Tuned like the first four strings of a guitar (DGBE), the baritone offers a romantic, lower-pitched sound which is excellent for accompanying vocals and fingerpicking styles.

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