Sep 1st 2022 | Posted by Josh Riede

7 Steps to Selecting the Right Ukulele

Here are some considerations we recommend when picking out your ukulele: 
1. Size: Ukuleles come in three standard sizes; soprano (small), concert (medium), and tenor (large). These three sizes are all tuned and played the same. We see that most professionals and guitar players prefer the tenor. In Hawaii, most middle school-aged people and many women prefer the concert. The soprano is perfect for the younger set. Your results may vary. The baritone is a separate class, is larger than the tenor, and is tuned like the first four strings of the guitar, almost as a link between the guitar and the ukulele. 
 2. Budget: What are we willing to invest in a musical instrument? The most important thing to consider is that we are inspired by our instrument choice, even if it is inexpensive. 
3. Laminate or Solid: There are laminates, solid top and fully solid wood instruments. The better instruments tend to be either solid top or fully solid wood instruments. 
4. Acoustic or Acoustic-Electric: If one anticipates performing or playing in a small club, acoustic-electric would be for you. If not, acoustic would work for you as well. A pick-up MAY be installed on an acoustic guitar, but note, some installations can be costly depending on the pick-up and luthier. 
 5. Wood type: Different woods have their own unique characteristics and drastically affect how the ukulele sounds. Everyone has their preference as well! 
6. Origin: Where is it manufactured? "Made in Hawaii" reigns supreme in status among handmade ukuleles. However there are excellent ukes made all over the world and Bounty Music has carried ukuleles from at least eight different countries (Hawaii, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, Mexico, Japan, Portugal, and China) and several U.S. states. Indonesia and Vietnam have high reputations. We also see many Chinese-made instruments of very high quality. 
7. Musical Taste: You, as the artist, must be the ultimate decision-maker of all factors. Choose with your heart! 

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