Oct 16th 2022 | Posted by Rakhal

What Is An Ukulele Anyway?

The ukulele was invented in Honolulu around 1880 by Portuguese migrants from the Azores and Madeira Islands. It evolved out of the Portuguese Braguinha but its modern form was created in Hawaii. It is essentially a high tuned 4-string classical guitar.  The ukulele is tuned G, C, E, and A. If you capo the 1st four strings of a guitar at the fourth fret, you get G, C, E, and A low to high. One difference is that the uke in standard tuning has an octave higher-pitched G string (string 4) -- …
Sep 6th 2022 | Posted by Rakhal

What size Ukulele is best for me?

There are essentially four sizes of ukulele and all of them have their aficionados and particular strengths. The four sizes are Soprano, Concert, Tenor (all 3 tuned GCEA), and Baritone (tuned lower to DGBE).1. Soprano - the smallest of the "normal" ukes, scale length (bridge to nut) about 13.5" - 14" and a body length of 20" -21". Convenient to carry, traditional, plucky, and cuts in the mix for recording.2. Concert - middle size, scale length about 15", body length 23" -24". Favored by teens a …
Sep 1st 2022 | Posted by Josh Riede

7 Steps to Selecting the Right Ukulele

Here are some considerations we recommend when picking out your ukulele: 1. Size: Ukuleles come in three standard sizes; soprano (small), concert (medium), and tenor (large). These three sizes are all tuned and played the same. We see that most professionals and guitar players prefer the tenor. In Hawaii, most middle school-aged people and many women prefer the concert. The soprano is perfect for the younger set. Your results may vary. The baritone is a separate class, is larger than the te …
Aug 28th 2022

The Willie K. 5 String Super Tenor Uke

This is a rare Bird of Paradise! We are talking about the Hawaiian-made Kanilea WILLIEK.-ST5 model. Let's go over the unique features:* Super awesome top-of-the-line AAAAA Hawaiian Koa wood.* Handmade to the most exacting specifications.* 5 strings with BOTH low and high G strings.* Extra long 19-inch scale length.* Oversize body with a super wide bout.* Hawaiian design rosette.* Contoured armrest.* Ebony fingerboard with a super smooth UV SILK satin mahogany neck.* Slotted head with highly accu …